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The Top 5 Primo Spots for Taking Family Photos in Dallas


The Top 5 Primo Spots for Taking Family Photos in Dallas

I know we all love to get Christmas cards… but most of us secretly despise the effort it takes to get them out the door. Updating our list. Addressing hundreds of envelopes. Forgetting to buy stamps ahead of time and having to wait in the longest post office line of the year. Oh yes – and getting just the right photograph to share with our friends and family before anything else! That’s the one… everyone’s smiling, the dog’s looking into the camera, and we’re wearing the perfect combination of colors to look cohesive… but not so trying as to look like a 90s Laura Ashley catalog…

While we can’t help relieve ALL of these stressors, we CAN help you find just the right spot to take these beautiful photos of your loving family right here in the heart of Dallas. Our city is sprawling with unique murals, lush green parks, skyscrapers, beautiful landscapes, and more. So here goes – to make your annual photos a little less stressful this year… our picks for the 5 best locations for family photos in Dallas!

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Arboretum has to be one of the absolute best Dallas locations for photoshoots! Located on the shores of White Rock Lake, the 66 acres of the Arboretum offer an amazing sight of downtown Dallas. With an endless slew of flowers, colors, and greenery, the Botanical Gardens serve as the perfect backdrop to create a warm and welcoming feeling. The best part of the Arboretum is you have dozens of different backdrops at your fingertips! Be ready to pay a small entry fee of about $15. If you arrive around 9 am, the lighting will not only be in your favor but you’ll have the place to yourself! 

Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park or “Teddy Bear Park” is located in the heart of Highland Park. The giant teddy bears welcome a family-friendly scene. The park itself is full of old Texas oak trees and lush green landscaping. What makes this place unique are the giant teddy bear statues sprinkled throughout the park ground. The kids love this, and it makes for a wonderful day together. It is hands down one of the cutest places in Dallas to take photos! 

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum has become the mecca for Dallas urban art. Its streets are filled with vibrant murals from unknown artists. It offers a more rustic feel to your photos and it’s a great place to get out with your family and explore coffee shops, restaurants, and art! You just never know what hidden gem you might find in Deep Ellum on any given day, which is half the fun! About a 5-minute drive from downtown, the area is accessible, vibrant, and free of charge! 

White Rock Lake

The best part of family photos is when you get to capture awesome candid moments. Places like White Rock Lake in East Dallas are ideal locations for capturing some fun. The fields surrounding the lake create a wonderful and playful scene for the kids to run around and have some fun with the photos. Its location is ideal if you don’t want to commute too far into the city or too far out of the city! White Rock Lake is just 10 miles from downtown Dallas, and guess what? The Dallas Arboretum is located right off of White Rock Lake, giving you the ability to use both of these venues for all sorts of photos, even on the same day if you want!

Fort Worth Japanese Gardens

If you are willing to go the distance, Fort Worth’s Japanese Garden is worth the drive. This unique location is part of Fort Worth’s botanical garden. This garden exclusively uses plants from Japan and creates a serene environment. The 7.6 acres of garden are covered with fish-filled ponds, waterfalls, walkways, and bridges that all make for stunning photo backdrops. The wooden bridges and droopy trees take you right out of the bustling city and give your photos a “wonderland” feel. This garden is one of the best DFW photography locations you can imagine!

Sometimes the stress of sending out Christmas and Holiday cards takes away from the fun of the photoshoot! But kids grow up fast, and family portraits are a great way to hang out with our families and document moments of our lives… So don’t stress this year! Enjoy!