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Interior Design and Architecture: What's In... and What's Out... in 2023


Interior Design and Architecture: What's In... and What's Out... in 2023

It’s the New Year! Year after year when January rolls around, we all put together lists of resolutions made up of everything from improving our health and reading more books to focusing on wellness and getting our finances in order. We say goodbye to bad habits and aim to start the year off on the right foot. Closet clean outs are in full swing, the fridge has never looked healthier, and our to-do lists have never been more organized. But this year we want to take it a step further. MMG is here to help you rejuvenate your home and rethink design choices! Without further ado here is our 2023 “Ins and Outs” List…

What’s In?

Earth Tones and Warm Tones

Earth Tones Are In

Gone are the days that we need patterned curtains, colored carpets, and electric blue couches. We’re looking to spaces defined by warm, soft neutrals (but not all whites everything!). This doesn’t mean our space needs to be bland, though. Rather, warm tones create a cozy space and make our occasional pops of color stand our and feel that much more unique. And earth tones create a connection with the outdoors to lend an element of peace within the walls of our homes. 

Wellness Design

Photo: Claire Esparros

At Minnette Murray Group, we’re loving the Wellness Design movement and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. During the COVID dominated era, we learned how important it is to feel at peace in your home. The Wellness Design Movement is a new type of approach to creating space in the home that aims to calm the busy mind while also inspiring creative thinking.

“Current building codes don’t guarantee the space is healthy for us. Living spaces can slowly diminish our health, well-being, cognitive, physical, and biological performance,” says architect Veronica Schreibeis Smith, founding principal at Vera Iconica Architecture and Developments.

“We don’t need our homes sabotaging us. They should nurture us. Wellness architecture is about making selections that help you live your optimum life.”

Investing in your home’s wellness doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Maybe find a corner of your home or an outdoor spot and turn it into a meditation corner or even just a dedicated space for de-stressing. Buy some fresh house plants or remove heavy drapes to create more natural light. With so many homes designed as open spaces, sound is also an important stressor to consider. Adding good acoustic control is an easy retrofit in a home, and there are many decorative options. Consider installing acoustic tiles on walls, baffles, or acoustic clouds on ceilings, or adding soft fabrics or rugs to a room to absorb sound.


Photo: Pinterest

This one is obvious… we love all things eco-friendly and sustainable, and it makes us feel better when we can reduce our carbon footprint. So many home design products are geared towards creating more sustainable spaces. Eco-friendly materials like cork and bamboo are very much in favor. Pluys, cork doubles as a material that also adds layers of warmth, texture, and a bit of a statement.  

Simple products like The Nest Thermostat make AC/Heat units so much easier to understand and their Eco mode is nice to the planet! Take it a step further and sign up for Nest Renew for free and you’ll help transition to cleaner sources of energy without lifting a finger. Eco-friendly materials like cork and bamboo are also all in favor. Not to mention, Cork is a material that also adds layers of warmth, texture, and a bit of a statement.  

Nature As Color

nature as color 2023
Photo Courtesy Nieu Cabinet Doors

We all know that a little pop of color can transform your space and create a fresh new look. Plants are a cost-efficient way to bring your home to life – quite literally. Not only do they add to the aesthetic appeal of your space but plants and nature are also proven to increase your mood and relieve stress. New year, new you right?

What’s Out in 2023?

Squeaky Clean Kitchens

Photo Courtesy Nieu Cabinet Doors
Photo Courtesy Nieu Cabinet Doors

We don’t need to cut out all color and clutter, give your kitchen some character! Add some house plants and colored utensils to spice up your space! Maybe you’re even feeling inspired to change cabinet knobs or colors. Regardless, creating a space that feels void of life can sterilize your kitchen to a point where it doesn’t really feel like a kitchen! Don’t be afraid to make your kitchen an inviting place that welcomes the business of day-to-day life. 

TV-Centered Living Rooms

Photo Courtesy American Signature, Inc.
Photo Courtesy American Signature, Inc.

If you’re cutting down screen time in 2023, consider transforming your living room into a place to gather. Say goodbye to the couch potato! The newly envisioned living room that is designed for personal interaction makes for the perfect hub of family connection and friendly conversation. Picture family board games and glasses of wine with friends with some old music tunes playing in the background. What a time!

Energy Usage

Photo Courtesy Thomas Sanderson

Nobody likes paying high priced bills for energy usage. This is the year to consider getting an energy audit to learn about your energy use. You can start making home improvements that save energy AND save you money. In today’s world the market is full of energy-efficient appliances and solutions. Consider installing eco-friendly blinds that block sunlight from heating your interior and reduce your AC usage! Not going green in 2023 would be a missed opportunity!


Photo Courtesy Kathy Kuo Home
Photo Courtesy Kathy Kuo Home

Sometimes less is more. The stress of a year can so easily be reflected by the junk in our cabinets and the piles of mismatched socks in our laundry rooms! Get that stuff out! Donate your unworn clothes and throw out the old makeup products! Take it one step further and declutter your decor. It’s all about finding the balance! We don’t need to fill all the gaps of our coffee table with books, candles, and flowers. Consider clearing your shelves’ spaces and make room for a cleaner design. Another quick tip… pick decor pieces that are meaningful to you or make you feel happy to look at!

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about how your at home lifestyle can impact your year! From all of us at Minnette Murray Group, happy New Year! Let’s get this party started!

At Minnette Murray Group, we understand real life and everything that comes with it. We work with you, and all you have going on. So you get the best price for your home without losing your marbles. Get in Touch and find out how.